Unique limited craftsmanship that comes to life

The artistic concepts of Ranko van Tricht are ´one of a kind´, a combination of craftsmanship and innovative ideas. It is more than a piece of furniture, it is an experience!

Combining special materials provides original and exceptional results
on, which will excite you. Ranko van Tricht seduces with its exceptional nature.

His great source of inspiration was his grandfather!

Ranko van Tricht, the man behind "1Ranko", characterized by his uniqueness as an individual and in his work.

His great source of inspiration was his grandfather, named Frans. He encouraged Ranko to develop his sense of creativity and supplied Ranko with his first tools at a very young age.

Ranko started his career in the yacht building industry, where he learned to work with beautiful materials, and combined with his challenging ideas, he worked his way up to where he is now; providing the high level of class and quality that sets him apart.

On his 19th Birth Day, Ranko bought his first house at the "Kerkplein" in the town Zaltbommel, which he renovated and restored in order to make it his own.


A creative mind and real craftsmanship!

Ten years go by. Ranko's career seems to crumble due to spinal surgery. This setback gave Ranko even more willpower and enthusiasm as before.
His painful setback was powered by passion and became his breakthrough in the world of art.
Ranko followed his heart untill he reached his ultimate goal; his very own work shop where he can indulge in developing and creating his pieces.

Ranko's inspiration for his intriguing designs derive mainly from nature, when he is out sailing and fly fishing, his favorite pass time.

Just to mention an example; in his creations, he combines raw wood materials with steel and super silky fish leather, an exciting combination.

Practicing Chi Gong has become part of Ranko's daily life and is the drive behind his unique sense of creativity and energy.


This extraordinary concept bridges the roughness of nature with multifunctional applicability. The dresser has rough tree structures in its pure form, and is yet so refined that it fits perfectly in a warm and contemporary environment.

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Designed with passion




Industrieterrein De Wildeman
Valeton 27
5301LW Zaltbommel
T: +31 (0)6 5466 0558